first half of 2020

Group bookings for Studytravel

For Studytravel Language Courses Abroad, tailor-made group bookings have been made possible.

A common case is, for example, a Dutch school that wants to offer its students a group language trip of 1 week of Spanish, at an attractive price.

To make this possible, the existing management environment has been expanded with the possibility to create a group booking.

This group booking is then made in name of the 'school', and contains the following additional functionality:

In addition to the standard options such as school, destination, language course and duration of the group trip:


the group trip is priced separately and a customized booking template template is chosen:

booking template

also, any number of options can be added and priced:

extra options

For this group booking, a separate form is then created with which travelers (e.g. the students or their parents) can sign up for this group booking:

signup for group booking

Because the booking form is tailor-made for each specific group booking, the traveler (e.g. student) only has to fill out the remaining necessary information, such as accommodation upgrades or insurance. The rest is custom-filled and priced with the specifically pre-agreed price (e.g. with the school)

After a traveler has completed the registration steps, the registration appears in the group booking management environment:


Each traveller has his own 'individual' booking that can be selected.

Depending on how the payments are arranged, a separate invoice can be drawn up and sent from the 'individual' booking, for the total amount but, for example, only for the additional insurances as well.

In the group booking itself, a total invoice can also be created for the party that organizes this group trip, such as a school.

Because the standard management environment is used, the process of handling the group bookings and registrations is the same as for individual bookings: Invoices are sent as PDF via email. Itineraries are generated. Statuses and workflows are tracked and monitored. Reports are available from the standard reporting environment where the customer can manage the queries himself.